Wine Connection with Italy. Exquisite Italian Wines @ your doorstep

Hand-picked & flown into Singapore from beautiful boutique vineyards across Italy.

Encompassing man’s knowledge since hundreds of years, red wines, white wines and sparkling wines  are a great companion for any type of food and Italian wines have a tradition of being among the best in the world. Getting to understand the world of wines can be a lengthy and expensive habit, fortunately, wineries have been able to create an incredible variety for all tastes and pockets. Good wine in Singapore is accessible without having to spend a fortune through Via Serica, a wine distributor with roots in Italy and Asia whose mission is to expand the knowledge of good Italian wines in Singapore while keeping it affordable for everyone.

Our Exquisite Italian Wines

To serve you better, we offer a comprehensive range of wines ranging from pinot nero red wines, cabernet sauvignon red wines, merlot red wine, chardonnay white wines, moscato sparkling wine etc.

Our Unique Services

Wine is not just a drink nor a product, it’s a story, a narration of how man and nature have worked together to establish a higher goal, worthy of gods, emperors and kings, we offer a comprehensive range of wine services ranging from vineyard tours in Italy, wine tasting, yacht private event & corporate event management.

For those willing to explore first hand this wine country, our friends at the vineyards, whether large or small, would be happy to show and explain the knowledge required to select, cure and grow the wines that will ultimately become your favorite wine.

From our selection, we have wines that are carefully curated for the beginner to the seasoned drinkers.  From the everyday wine to the wine for special occasion. Join our wines tasting event to find the bottle that suit your palate from Old World to New World wines.

Be it a birthday celebration, commemorating your anniversary, or planning your proposal on a yacht, Our wine range is here to bring the party right on board. All you need is an open mind, an eager palate and a spirit of exploration.

Whether you’re looking to host an office open house, hold a special employee dinner or add a dash of fun to your next corporate retreat, we can help you enrich the experience with our wine. We make sure your event is precisely planned and expertly executed, entirely customized to your needs and wishes.

All About Italian Wines