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Selection of the right wine is complex in today's context. With trade globalisation, there are more wines available in the market today as compared to a decade ago. A wine drinker is swamped with different labels, different varietals, different wine making process, different vineyards, different countries and so on. This is just the tip of the iceberg and it is made more complicated with high prices of wine due to local taxation duties.

Our only sole and primary objective in life is to spare the wine drinker from these complexities. Before the wine makes to our website, a rigorous process is applied. We conduct regular wine tasting for the wine drinker that are starting out to the most seasoned wine drinker to open their palettes and believe in their palettes before making the decision to choose the right bottle oblivious to traditional purchase decision based on wine awards.

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Believe in your own palettes and not others. Every single individual is uniquely different.

The wine selection available is carefully curated by not only us but also our pool of wine drinkers with different wine drinking profile.

We work closely with Via Serica, vineyards and other wine distributors to bring you a list of wines that would bring your palettes to the next level as you move from easy to drink to more complex wines.