How to taste high-quality wine at a fraction of the price?

How to get to taste of high-quality wine but at a fraction of the price?

Wine “brands” like Champagne, Bordeaux, Chianti, etc are well known around the world. In most cases, the same vineyard will produce many different wine labels with the same grape types. In Italy, the world’s number 1 wine producer, wine type names are identified by a few different denominations such as IGT, DOC, DOCG, Classico and so on. One of the secrets only few people are aware of is that these brands are protected by a protocol which is issued by a Consortium that normally carries the name of the brand, such as Prosecco DOC or Chianti.

The protocol establishes how the wine must be made, what grapes types can be used in what percentages, how many kilograms of grapes the producers are allowed to harvest from that particular lot, thus how many bottles of that particular wine can be then produced through vinification.

In most cases, the same lot of precious land may produce many more kgs of grapes as compared to the amount the protocol would allow, leaving it to the producers to make with the same grapes, different wine types which must carry a different name or brand.

This is where the knowledge of vineyards steps in and allows for great deals: an opportunity to purchase excellent wines which are basically the same as the famous brand names at a much more affordable price. While it may be difficult to navigate the hundreds or thousands of labels without deep expertise in wine, we make things easy for you by selecting those wines and bringing them right at your doorstep so you can show off some of this knowledge to your friends without having to visit all the wineries in the country!

The same knowledge, people, soil, grapes and a different label. How easy can this be?