What wine to gift your friends?

Having trouble deciding which wine to gift your friends or business associates? We do too! The universe of wines is so huge that navigating within can be time consuming and loaded with doubts.

But doubt no more! When choosing wine as a gift, unless you go for a truly undeserving bottle, you’ll always be right.

Gifting wine is not just presenting a bottle with grape juice. Think of how many years that vine plant has grown, the soil and the rain that fed it, the knowledgeable hands that cured it in the winter, caressed it during spring, carefully watched over it in the warm summers, observing the fruit grow from a tiny little sprout to a full grown grape in so many colours and shades that man had to invent more names than he could think of to describe all of them.

The sugar in the grape ripening under the benevolent smile of the sun and finally the hand picking and work that goes from there into making your precious nectar of the gods.

People who drink and truly love wine appreciate everything that is behind that bottle, its cork, the label.

That’s it, don’t scroll down! Stop and read that wine label on both sides, listen to the oak barrels being filled, smell the shady brisk air of the cellars, hundreds of years old, where men and women who never would have imagined smart phones and social media walked with heavy containers full of wonder and forgiveness.

Sounds great but how to choose the right wine?

Simple enough, google or app those bottles in front of you and read what people like you are saying, but remember, trust your palate, not theirs!

Most importantly, when you gift the wine to your loved ones, turn yourself into a great storyteller – show them your passion in the wine you choose by sharing the wine story and why you think the wine suits them perfectly!

Enjoy gifting!